Legal status of Stevia


Status of Stevia in the EU

The Stevia plant and its extracts are currently not approved as Novel Food or food additive by the European Commission.

In September 2007, two applications for the approval of Stevia and its extracts were submitted to the SCF and EFSA of the European Commission:

An application for the approval of Stevia leaves as Novel Food (BRD) and a second application for the approval of the extracts of Stevia leaves (Steviol Glycoside) as food additive.

Reisenberger GmbH belongs to the official applicants for both admission procedures.


Latest news:

Mid of April 2010 the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) evaluated the dossier of EUSTAS (with applicant Eubiotica – Reisenberger GmbH) and classified stevia as inoffensive for human health. Herewith they gave the green light for accreditation of stevia as food additive/sweetener.


Until the official registration (estimated in 6-9 months) the acceptance of the European commission, as well as of the several member states of the EU is needed.


Exceptions within the EU

On the 11th of September 2008, France has approved the temporary use of Steviol Glycosides (> 97% Rebaudiosid A). (Afssa – French Food Safety Agency, provisional two-year authorisation, up from 11.09.2008)


In Switzerland, Steviol Glycosides are approved in a specific sports drink (> 95% Steviol Glycosides). There is no general approval of Stevia as food additive. Products containing Stevia require individual permissions for the use of Stevia.


In Russia, Steviol Glycosides are not prohibited as sweeteners or food additives. However, each new product containing Stevia needs an individual approval.


Status of Stevia worldwide

USA: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – The GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) affirmation of Steviol Glycosides (> 97% Reb. A) attests, that the use of Stevia for food is harmless.


South America (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, etc.): There are no restrictions concerning the use of Stevia as sweetener for food.


Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Taiwan): There are no restrictions concerning the use of Stevia as sweetener for food.


Australia & New Zealand: Steviol Glycosides (> 95%) have been approved as sweeteners for food and beverages since 2008.




Stevia Field in Paraguay


Stevia Rebaudianan Bertoni Plants


Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni


Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni Plant


Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni


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Definition of Steviol Glycosides (sweet-tasting extract of Stevia)

Intensive research over the past 40 years showed that the sweet taste of Stevia is attributable to several Steviol Glycosides (Diterpene Glycoside). Stevia contains the following Steviol Glycosides in different concentrations:


Rebaudioside A (most precious ingredient), Stevioside, Rebaudioside C, Dulcoside A, Rubusoside, Steviolbioside, Rebaudioside B, Rebaudioside D, Rebaudioside E, Rebaudioside F