Applicability of Stevia


Stevia for oral hygiene

Applicability of Stevia within the European Union:


    Stevia may be used as ingredient in facial masks.

    Stevia may be used for dental prophylaxis in toothpaste and gargle liquids.

    Stevia may be used as a bath additive and in hair-care products.




Applicability of Stevia outside of the European Union:


Stevia is used as a sweetener for various food items outside of the EU (for example Australia/ New Zealand), for example:


    Dairy products and yoghurts


    Pastries and bakery

    Soy products

    Ice cream



    and much more


delicious taste


delicious taste





Suggested usage beyond the EU





Stevia Tablets


Eubiotica Stevia Tabs 18 g (ca. 300 pcs)



It may be used in hot/cold drinks for example tea or coffee.



1 tablet has the same sweetening power of 1 piece of sugar cubes






Stevia Premium Granules


Eubiotica Stevia Premium Granulat 200 g



Especially developed for baking purposes.

It may also be used in puddings and various desserts.



Stevia Premium Granules are 10 times sweeter than sugar







Stevia Liquid Extract


Eubiotica Stevia Flüssigextrakt 50 ml




It may be used to sweeten hot/cold drinks, fruits and berries, jam, ice cream



5-6 drops have the same sweetening power of 1 teaspoon of sugar






Stevia Leaves (cut)


Eubiotica Stevia Blätter (Feinschnitt) 100 g





It may be used in tea (especially Maté-tea)